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Terms of Service

Terms of service

We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone.

Prices are subject to change without notice

Sales Tax:

Tax will only be charged if we are required by law to charge for your State. Enter your shipping info on the Check Out Page and the total will show you if any tax applies.


Orders placed over this website are 100% secure.


Not all items are stocked and may need to be drop shipped by the manufacturer.  

Order Processing

Order processing may take 5-10 business days (M-F 9A-5P CST, excluding holidays) or longer for Made to Order items or during high volume periods. When we receive your order it immediately takes priority over all orders placed after it. If the order can be filled immediately, it will be. If there is merchandise on backorder you will be notified, and may be offered comparable products, items colors etc. If part of your order does end up on backorder we will ship the products that are in stock and ship the backordered items when they are available.


Backorders older than 90 days may be cancelled if we are unable to reach the customer.


All the items Obsidian Training Group sells are under manufacturer's warranty. If the item comes with a manufacturer's warranty card, we recommend you fill it out and send it to them. If you would like warranty work done on a product we sold you, please contact the manufacturer, they will gladly do the work for you. Mailing items to us for warranty work just adds time to the process.

Restricted Items

Obsidian Training Group reserves the right to restrict any product from any sale without reason, whether it is marked or not.

Body Armor Policy:

18 U.S. Code § 931. Prohibits the purchase, ownership, or possession of body armor by violent felons.

Texas Penal Code § 46.041 prohibits the possession of body armor by felons.

Purchaser is solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws. Purchaser assumes all responsibility for their purchase, to include knowing local laws regarding body armor. No sales to Connecticut, INCLUDING Law Enforcement. When Connecticut changes their laws, we'll consider changing our policy.

Obsidian Training Group assumes no responsibility for body armor purchases made in violation of federal, state or local laws.

There are no returns on body armor items.

Slide milling:

By purchasing slide milling services you consent to the modification of your slide and understand that by doing so, the factory warranty may become void (See manufacturer’s info for verification). Additionally, the modifications being performed will permanently alter the slide and cannot be reversed. You understand that each instance of modification is unique due to the process in which the modification is applied. Obsidian Tactics/Obsidian Training Group LLC reserves the right to refuse modification to your slide or other parts should we deem that it should not be modified in its current condition. 

These Terms & Conditions release Obsidian Tactics/Obsidian Training Group LLC, any and all owners, presidents, co-owners, employees, subcontractors and staff from all liability relating to injuries that may occur as a result of work or services performed. By acknowledging this agreement, you agree to hold Obsidian Tactics/Obsidian Training Group LLC, entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence. You also acknowledge the risks involved in modifying a firearm from its factory specifications. These risks include, but are not limited to, loss of factory warranty, financial loss, bodily harm or injuries including but not limited to death. You acknowledge that you are participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear. By acknowledging the Terms & Conditions, you forfeit all right to bring a law suit against Obsidian Tactics/Obsidian Training Group LLC for work or services rendered. Any and all modifications are performed as Obsidian Tactics/Obsidian Training Group LLC sees fit based upon their professional opinion and experience.